Monthly Archives: October 2021

  1. Team Kamen Rider Announces New Items

    Team Kamen Rider Announces New Items

    Throughout the year each brand from Bluefin Brands announces amazing new toys and collectibles that are must-have for collectors and fans. Team Kamen Rider brings us three (3) new collectibles for US release, and we want all the fans to know what's coming out.

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  2. Nanoblock Arrives to Bluefin Brands

    Nanoblock Arrives to Bluefin Brands

    Since our press release back in January 2021, we have been working day and night to bring Nanoblocks to stores across North America. The wait is finally over and Nanoblocks are now available in stores and online. We've also updated Bluefin Brands and now have a section for Nanoblocks.


    What are Nanoblocks?

    Nanoblocks are the original micro-sized building blocks. Created by Japan based company, Kawada Co., Ltd.. Each brick measures 4mm x 4mm x 5mm, and is built layer-by-layer adding more detail until complete. Each set is thoroughly created with precision that show off it's high-level of detail and offers a challenge than any other building block system.

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  3. New York Comic Con 2021 Recap

    New York Comic Con 2021 Recap

    October 7-10, 2021 we celebrated New York Comic Con (NYCC). Con-goers gathered to New York City once again to experience the thrill of a physical event. Last year we celebrated NYCC digitally with reveals, giveaways, and a huge sale on select collectibles. This year for NYCC, it was a hybrid of both physical and digital for us at Bluefin, and we wanted to recap the event for those that may have missed out.

    Let us start things off with what fans were able to experience at NYCC:

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