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  1. New Demon Slayer and Kirby Products from Ensky

    New Demon Slayer and Kirby Products from Ensky

    Get ready to cancel your weekend plans and stay home and enjoy some deserved you time with the newest items available on Bluefin Brands. That's right! Right now, on Bluefin Brands, pre-orders have started on the newest items from Ensky featuring Kirby and Demon Slayer.

    Ensky is a Japanese company that takes the existing appeal of the characters and other IP (Intellectual Properties) entrusted to them and transform their appeal into new "value" that capture people's attention and present them to the world.

    "IP is not limited to characters, but also includes picture books, video content, and illustrations of celebrities and athletes. We think of what we do as providing moments of fun and excitement to people everywhere."

    Ensky has many IP's to work with, and now they have created

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  2. New Shodo Digimon on Premium Bandai US

    New Shodo Digimon on Premium Bandai US

    Premium Bandai US and Shokugan are at it again. Last time, So-Do Kamen Rider figures from Kamen Rider Gaim were available for pre-order, and this time around, they are offering new figures featuring two iconic characters from the latest Digimon anime, Digimon Adventure (2020).

    Premium Bandai US is the premiere website to purchase exclusive premium merchandise like figures, model kits, clothing, and jewelry from well-known series such as Gundam, Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball, Digimon, Kamen Rider, and many more! 

    Shokugan are inexpensive, high quality, limited release collectibles. With Shokugan you'll find all sorts of collectibles perfect for displaying at your office desk or even at home. If you're interested to learn more about Shokugan, please

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  3. Pre-Order Totoro Traditional Japanese Dish Series on Bluefin Brands

    Pre-Order Totoro Traditional Japanese Dish Series on Bluefin Brands

    Studio Ghibli is known for their mastery at animation and storytelling. Films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle have made a huge impact on the animation industry and with fans across the globe. BUT! Did you know that Studio Ghibli has more than just movies? With the help of companies like Benelic, Ensky and Skater, there are hundreds of items available such as plush, crafts, and lifestyle goods that feature fan favorite characters like Totoro, Jiji, No Face, and many more!

    Right now on Bluefin Brands you can pre-order the Totoro traditional Japanese dish series

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