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Vital Hero Interactive Band – Blue

The first interactive wearable Gamified Band that lets you level up and battle with a Digital Monster!

Vital Hero is the brand-new inter-ACTIVE band that evolves how kids play, stay active, and compete with friends through raising and training Digital Monsters on this wearable device.

Featuring a full-color LED display screen and built-in vital activity monitor, each band has an exclusive Digital Monster that you can train through completing a range of missions, such as, shadow boxing, squatting, sprint challenges, walking, and more! Each mission and daily activity evolve your Digital Monster, making them stronger, prompting you into battles, and provides endless fun in solo play or with friends.

Vital Hero Blue Band comes with Wolf Howl Dim Card

MSRP: $64.99

Item Number: 87792

Age: 8+

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Product Details

  • Complete easy to hard Activity Missions such as sprinting, shadow boxing, sit ups/crunches, and walking a certain number of steps to earn trophies, increase your battle win rate, and evolve your character.
  • Band is equipped with step counter, heart rate vital function (not medically accurate), LED screen with time function , and adjustable band size. USB Charging cable included in package with instruction on how to set up/play
  • Battles are prompted automatically after training missions are completed or if you tap your band against any NFC reader (Tap to Pay, Phones, etc.).
  • Each Digital Monster evolution will be different, no two people will get the same evolution at the same time. Move More, Battle More. Collect all Dim Cards to extend play!