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TinyTAN Tamagotchi Nano – Purple ver.

TinyTAN Tamagotchi features BTS Character TinyTAN in the palm of your hand!

The way you interact with the “Magic Door” will enable one of the seven TinyTAN characters to come through the “Magic Door” into your Tamagotchi device! Let’s become close friends with the TinyTAN characters and spend time together every day.  TinyTAN Tamagotchi is part of the Tamagotchi nano series, a mini Tamagotchi device designed for special guests to travel everywhere with you.

MSRP: $19.99

Item Number: 88866

Age: 8+

Product Details

  • Let’s become friends with TinyTAN characters, who came from the “Magic Door”
  • The food which you give to TinyTAN characters are each character’s favorite food! Two mini-games are included to play with the TinyTAN characters: Dance to “Dynamite” and make custard tarts.
  • The character’s outfit and hairstyle will change depending how you spend your time with the TinyTAN characters and how many times you play the mini-games. Let’s enjoy every day with lovely TinyTAN characters!
  • TinyTAN Tamagotchi Purple ver. has a design inspired by the “Magic Door”! Also available in Red ver., and the red and black motif is inspired by “MIC Drop”
  • This is a Tamagotchi nano device, which measures approximately 1.57 inches
  • All colors have the same specifications. Battery (2xLR44) included. Ages 8+