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Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker Mini Pack – Mood

Embrace your creative side with the Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker Mini Mood Pack! You can beautifully craft 8 unique erasers from scratch!  Spell out your mood – OMG and LOL.  Collect, use and share with friends!

MSRP: $9.99

Item Number: 38511

Age: 8+

Where To Buy

  • PREMIUM ERASER MAKER PACK : Make 8 small erasers that express your mood. Make OMG to express your surprise and LOL to laugh!
  • COMPLETE KIT : Comes with everything you need to make your own erasers. Craft kit includes the mini eraser maker, 4 different color strips (turquoise, rose pink, purple and yellow), 8 design sheets, storage tray and instructions. Visit for even more creative fun!
  • SHARE WITH FRIENDS : Erasers are fun to make and share with friends! And, for even more fun, bring your friends over to make erasers and become craft enthusiasts together!
  • EASY TO MAKE : Choose your design, build your erasers by following the designs, add water, heat in the microwave and finish by placing in cool water to set. 
  • CREATIVITY FOR ALL AGES : Kids and adults alike will enjoy making their own erasers, and embracing their creative side. For kids 8 – 98.