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Digimon Shodo – Omegamon (Preorder Coming Soon!)

From the popular anime series Digimon Adventure, your favorite Digimon characters are now available as poseable figures in the Bandai SHODO series.
Omegamon was born from the fusion of WarGreymon and Metal Garurumon. It comes equipped with a sword and shield on its War Greymon shaped left arm, a canon on its Metal Garurumon shaped right arm and cape.

MSRP: $14.99

Item Number: 86974

Age: 8+

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Product Details

  • From the popular Digimon Adventure anime series
  • Perfectly detailed to look just like the character from the anime
  • Highly detailed, well-articulated
  • Stands approx. 3.5in
  • For the ultimate Digimon fan
  • Also available : WarGreymon and MagnaAngemon. Collect them all!
  • Ages 8+