King Pre-Orders Available Now

Wrestling his way to victory, King joins the Tekken action figure line up from Storm Collectibles!

Storm Collectibles is a Hong Kong based designer and manufacturer distributing their products globally since 2010. They make high-quality officially-licensed collectibles action figure and specializes for "combat video games". They bring classic, iconic gaming characters back to life and also keeping up-to-date on the blockbuster games and fan favorite characters.

"King is not only a masked professional wrestler, but also the proud owner of an orphanage. Recently, King's sworn friend and comrade, Craig Marduk, as well as the man King called his master, both engaged in a bloody fight which left them with critical injuries. King desperately wanted to come to his friends' rescue but knew that their operations wouldn't come cheap. At the same time, King's orphanage was in constant danger owing to the war that raged between G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu. Finding himself caught between a rock and a hard place, King entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament with eyes set firmly on the cash prize"

Pre-orders for King from the Tekken franchise has recently begun, and fans are much closer to adding the masked fighter to their collection. King is the fourth character made into a Storm Collectibles action figure adding to the growing Tekken lineup, which currently includes Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, and Heihachi Mishima. 

King was teased back on Feb 5, 2021, showing a grayscale photo prototype. Later on, Storm Collectibles Instagram account teased his boots, with fans knowing exactly who those boots belonged to and re-ignited their need for an action figure of the fighter. Finally, during the week of Comic-Con At Home 2021, Storm Collectibles had shared a painted prototype of King.

King and other Storm Collectibles action figures are highly articulate, allowing fans to recreate poses as seen by the character. In the gallery below, you can see the wide range of motion King is able to perform; from grabbing opponents into a German Suplex to high-kicking them in the face. Storm is known for adding special effect parts with their figures, which allow fans to pose them in a cool action scene or epic battle. For King he includes his special Jaguar lariat effect that will easily knock opponents down.  



- 4 Interchanging pair of hands, 

- 1 Interchanging King's wrestling cape

- 1 Jaguar Lariat effect


King is slated to be released Jan 2022 with an MSRP of $115.00. Check with your preferred retailer for availability.

Are you excited for King action figure from Storm Collectibles? What other characters from Tekken have you been dying to have as a figure? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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