Top 10 Kamen Rider Belts

Henshin! A word all Kamen Rider fans know too well. It means "to change or transform." Before shouting the word, all riders put on their drivers; a special belt that grants them the ability to transform into a Kamen Rider. Some belts activate by doing a pose, and some belts have a gimmick in order to be activated; Whether its bottles, cards, tiny toy cars, or game cartridges.

There have been so many Kamen Rider series, and with each new series comes a brand-new belt; over 50 in the Heisei era alone! In celebration of Heisei Week, a Bluefin digital event, we're here to let everyone know what our top 10 belt/drivers are. Reminder that this is pure fun, and it is not the definitive list of what is the best.

#10 Kuuga Arcle (Kamen Rider Kuuga)

The rider that started off the Heisei Era, Kuuga, comes in at #10. The Arcle belt may not have any crazy gimmicks like future belts, but its iconic look and simplistic design is what really gets our attention. The moment we put on the belt, we have the urge to go into Kuuga's henshin pose. The sounds emitting from the belt are also great to hear and such a rush of nostalgia.

The first belt on our list that has a gimmick. Kamen Rider Decade's belt design is slick, looking like a digital camera. As an anniversary rider, the small logos of the previous riders is a nice touch, and helps the overall design; there's even more logos on the Neodecadriver, and it's magenta! Using a card gimmick, the belt has access to a wide variety of sounds. With so many sounds, you'll be inserting cards all day to hear those jingles! D-D-D-Decade is our #9 favorite belt.


#8 Build Driver (Kamen Rider Build)

Making our #8 spot is the Build Driver. This belt is unlike any other belt on our list. It is the first belt on our list that has fans collecting paraphernalia to unlock more sound effects. This belt uses the gimmick of bottles, and after inserting the 2 bottles into the driver, you use the crank, and then the magic happens. Little gears rotate with the inside of the bottles pumping like pistons. The jingles start to go off, and then you hear "Are you Ready?" and the rest of the henshin jingle finishes. It is truly a magnificent and different belt. 

This belt is hands-down the most colorful belt in Kamen Rider. With a bright neon green base, and a neon pink handle, this belt shows off that classic 90's video game look. Just like our #8 spot, this driver uses the paraphernalia of gashats. Gashats are video game themed cartridges that are inserted into the belt. They light up and come with their own jingles, and with the help of the belt, more jingles are unlocked. We just love video games, and that's why the Gamer Driver is our #7.

From the last series of the Heisei Era, the Ziku Driver holds down the #6 spot. Paraphernalia are used often in each Kamen Rider series, just like the Build Driver, and this driver is no different. Using what's called a "ridewatch" to transform, there are so many choices of ridewatches, and collecting them is even more fun!

These watches come with their own set of jingles, and even more are unlocked when applied to the driver. The jingles heard from the Ziku Driver are so good, like when you turn it on or even the bell toll sound after you spin the front plate of the belt. There are so many positive thing about this belt, and is definitely a must own!

This is the first secondary rider belt on our list. Polished with silver, gold, and metallic blue, and has a great jingle, this belt stands out from the earlier picks. From our previous choices, the jingles made the difference in the belt. In this case, it's the character that makes us love this belt.

Used by several characters, Keisuke Nago, is the only character who constantly trained to prove his worth to use the belt. We love his catchphrase "Please give that life back to God."  We will be sure to return our wallets back with the release of the CSM coming soon.


This belt has a simple design, and you wouldn't think of it much from first glance, but the Sengoku Driver from Kamen Rider Gaim is the perfect example of how a belt should be; sleek, cool, and a simple gimmick.

Using the paraphernalia of lockseeds (fruit theme locks), both the lockseed and belt produce amazing jingle sounds. Collecting every lockseed is also very fun, because each seed has its own sounds, and we love to hear each and every one of them.

The show itself has a great story and characters. You'll instantly want a Sengoku Driver while watching. Put everything together, and that's why the Sengoku Driver is our #4 pick. 

#3 Faiz Driver (Kamen Rider Faiz)

At #3 we have the Faiz Driver. It's a simple belt. press the button on phone, and then insert the phone into the belt; easy! So, what puts this belt at #3? It's the sounds! The moment you pressed 5-5-5 and Enter; the rest is golden. Hearing Standing by followed up by the jingle is music to our ears. Not only does the belt look amazing with it's chrome look, but the suit design for the rider matches perfectly with the belt. Sometimes a simple design goes a long way.

#2 Shotriser (Kamen Rider Zero-One)

Our #2 favorite belt is the shotriser. Used in Kamen Rider Zero-One, this gun-like device has become an instant favorite among us. The sounds the progrise keys (paraphernalia of the series) make is fantastic and we constantly find ourselves pressing the button all the time. There's also this clicking noise when you open the Progrise key and it is so satisfying to hear. Add a playable weapon into the mix and its nonstop fun. The way Fuwa (Kamen Rider Vulcan) first transformed using the belt is an iconic moment and had us wanting the belt immediately.

#1 Kabuto Zecter (Kamen Rider Kabuto)

Hitting our #1 spot, our favorite belt, is the Kabuto Zecter. Just like our #3 pick, this belt is very simple: add Kabuto Zecter to belt, flip the switch, and done! Not only does the Kabuto device look amazing, but so does the belt strap with its sleek and futuristic design. You would think our #1 spot used a gimmick, but no, the sounds that emit from the Zecter are top-notch, and memorable; from cast off, change beetle, and who can forget, 1...2...3...Rider Kick. The way Tendou Souji (Kamen Rider Kabuto) transforms by grabbing the Kabuto Zecter as it flys into his hands is so cool to see. The Kabuto Zecter and belt walk down the path of heaven and our #1 favorite Kamen Rider belt.

All belts mentioned were released during their original run, but some DX versions have been released again under the 20th version moniker. You can find these belts available on our site. These items are limited quantity, so don't miss out. Get yours today!

If you think we left any belts out or should've been on this list, leave a comment down below.

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