Spring into Savings Sale Event

2020 took us by surprise and put a halt on our regular show season. We had plans to attend numerous conventions around the United States and would be bringing in the big guns with shelves full of model kits, collectible figures, lucky bags, and more! Although our plans to physically bring you "the goods" was thwarted by current events, we here at Bluefin, are still able to offer you various figures and collectibles at amazing prices through our digital events. That being said, we're excited to share with you our newest event Spring into Savings!

During our Spring into Savings Sales Event, you'll find a plethora of figures from your favorite IPs including Dragon Ball, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, or your favorite brands such as Flame Toys, , Storm Collectibles, Sen-Ti-Nel, Shokugan, and Tamashii Nations. We even have killer bundles and amazing special promotional items that are included with select purchases!

Some of the bundles you'll find available are perfect for new collectors who want to get started, such as our Titan Bundle for Marvel fans, or for people who love great deals in general, like our Totoro-size Bundle (seven items for just $45!!). For more bundles check back when Spring into Savings starts on March 8th. 

As with all of our digital events we will be hosting multiple live streams with giveaways and fun guests. If you're a fan of Cowboy Bebop, Transformers, Marvel and Studio Ghibli you'll want to check them out.

…You might even win something!


Live Stream Schedule

Monday 3/8 @ 11AM PST Marvel Madness

Tuesday 3/9 @ 11AM PST Cowboy Bebop

Thursday 3/11 @ 11AM PST Transformers: War for Cybertron

Friday 1/12 @ 11AM PST Earwig and the Witch


You can watch our livestreams via Twitch, Facebook, and/or Twitter @Bluefinbrands Or on YouTube at Bluefin Video.  

Can't make it to the live stream or just can't get enough of our mugs? No problem! Each one will be available to watch at your leisure via our YouTube Channel.

We are very excited to host our first digital event of 2021, and hopefully someday we can return to a time before; filled with cosplayers, vendors, and lines galore. Until then, please check out Spring into Savings Sales Event which will begin on March 8th and last until March 14th

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