Gundam Artifact - Shokugan's Mini Gundam Kits

Shokugan has released a new Gundam-theme series that has piqued model kit builders and collectors alike; we're talking about Gundam Artifact!

Shokugan are inexpensive, high quality, and limited release collectibles. They range from charms/keychains to mini figures, as well as model kits. For over 30 years, Shokugan, has been typically seen in candy shelves in supermarkets across Japan, but can now be found worldwide! For folks living in the US, Shokugan can be found in hobby, collectible, and specialty stores. You may even find them within larger retail stores such as Barnes & NobleHot TopicBox Lunch, and even Gamestop

Gundam Artifact launched in Japan spring of 2021 and has been wildly successful amongst the fans. This line of miniature model kits has been so popular that Shokugan will be reissuing the first volume once again. What exactly does this new series offer that has fans raving about it; let's take a look!

Gundam Artifact are intricately designed miniature plastic model kits that stand approximately 2.1 inches tall.

Each Mobile Suit in the series includes a unique mechanical design and consists of approximately 50 parts on runners (just like on Gunpla model kits).

They come in a pale orange color, as well as a rare clear red variant, enabling you to examine the immense details in their designs.

On the top of the box, each individual package of Gundam Artifact indicates which Mobile Suit is in the package; so you don't have to worry about blind boxes, and trying to pull the kit you really want.

There are 5 different Mobile Suits to pick from in the first volume and they are:

  • Rick Dias
  • Ex-S Gundam
  • Hi-v Gundam
  • Nightingale
  • Byarlant Custom

As stated above, Gundam Artifact model kits stand approx. 2.1 inches in a solid color, which make them ideal for customizing if you're into miniatures or tabletop games. Thanks to our highly skilled Bluefin employees, we can show you the process from start to finish.

Tools such as a knife (exacto blade), cutters, and filer are not required to build Gundam Artifact, but it does make it easier to assemble. 

As you can see above, Gundam Artifact is packaged in plastic bags and on runners similar to Bandai Hobby's Gunpla kits. After some work cutting all the pieces from the runner, our builder combined all the parts to form the arms, leg, backpack, etc. before combining them to create the finish model kit. Let's see what the finished kit looks like together. 

After building, you can begin to customize your Gundam Artifact in any color scheme you see fit; how awesome is that!? Our builder applied a coat of black primer before painting it to his desired colors. 

Let's take a look at the finished results! Drumroll please * insert drumroll sound * ...


There you have it! Gundam Artifcat Byarlant Custom. Our other skilled employee built the Ex-S Gundam. Check it out! 


Gundam Artifact volume 1 is estimated for US release in Sept-Oct. Please check your preferred retailer for availability. Gundam Artifact Vol. 2 releases March 2022. Pre-order yours today on!

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