New Zangief Figure From Storm Collectibles

Storm Collectibles is known for creating some of the most amazing fighting video game action figures on the collectible market. Their figures feature some of the most popular characters from their respective video game and come jam-packed with accessories to re-create the characters attacks in the game. That's not the only thing Storm Collectibles is known for, their figures tower over other such as Motaro from Mortal Kombat, who stands at approx. 9.4 inches tall or Doomsday from Injustice: Gods Among Us standing at 11 inches.

Storm Collectibles recently announced the release for a new Zangief figure. Fans who missed out on his Street Fighter V figure release have requested a reprint of the Red Cyclone for some time, and while it is not the exact design from his Street Fighter V look, Storm has answered their call with this new updated version. We're going to take a quick look at this new announcement from Storm Collectibles.


Originally released for Storm's Street Fighter V line, Zangief, along with Ken, Ryu, and M. Bison were all part of their early figures. With the recent announcement Zangief will be released with his Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers design. What exactly are some of the differences between the two? Since we don't have a physical prototype of this new version, we are going to examine it through the plethora of photos Storm released with the announcement.

From first glance, the immediate changes we see is his hair color. His new design has more of a brownish color as opposed to the black hair for his SFV version. His beard is also sharper with his new release, compared to a square shape beard from his SFV design. There is also more hair shown around his boots in his Street Fighter V design. Speaking of boots, his boots are more rounded with white soles, while his SFV design has his boots a bit pointier with golden soles. His body has a slightly different design, but that is something we can look at in detail once his figure has released. The scars around his body are placed a bit differently, and there is definitely more details such as veins in his older design. Lastly, his wrestling briefs are not as thick on the sides as his SFV design; does this allow for more articulation for the figure? We sure hope so! We do love a figure with a great range of articulation. 

Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challenger Zangief is scheduled to release September 2021 with an MSRP of $105.



  • Brand new developed body and articulations
  • 4x Interchanging head-sculpts
  • 4x interchanging pair of hands
  • Green glove effect
  • Fire ball effect

Pre-orders have begun in the US, so please check with your preferred retailer to pre-order yours today.


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