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Naruto CCG SHONEN JUMP Championship Tournament
If you already know how to play then you’ll want to test your skills in the Naruto CCG SHONEN JUMP Championship tournament.  Here are things you should know if you are going to play:

  1. Practice playing before the tournament. (This is a competitive tournament so you should be as prepared as possible for some tough competition.)
  2. Bring between $10-$20 for the entrance fee (each location is different).
  3. Bring a tournament legal deck, Ninja blade coins, etc. (your deck needs to have 50 cards with a 10 card sideboard and only 3 copies of the same cards)
  4. Bring your Bandai ID card.  (If you don’t have one a volunteer or “Meijin” at the event will be able to sign you up and get you ready to play.)
  5. Arrive early to register for the tournament. (You’ll need to fill out player and tournament forms, as well as a deck list, so make sure you have plenty of time to get those done.)
  6. If you need to ask a question about a rule or how to play your cards, you can always ask one of the judges for help.
  7. Becoming a top player is a great goal but remember that with any game you should be having fun first!  The prizes are just a nice added bonus but playing games with your friends is better.