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Each year the top players have competed at the numerous Naruto CCG tournaments, but this year, in conjunction with SHONEN JUMP, there will be special Naruto CCG SHONEN JUMP Championship Tournaments.

What’s different you ask? Special SHONEN JUMP prizes are now added to the prize pool. In addition, there will be new player areas for those who want to just learn how to play without participating in the competitive tournament.

Bring it on!
03/24/12 Harrison's Comics Medford, MA
04/14/12 R.I.W Hobbies Livonia, MI
05/19/12 Quest Comic Shop Carrollton, GA
06/23/12 Game Parlor Chantilly, VA
06/30/12 Anime Expo Los Angeles, CA
08/18/12 GenCon 2012 Indianapolis, IN
09/29/12 Epic Games Tehachapi, CA
10/20/12 Gryphon Games and Comics Fort Collins, CO
11/17/12 R.I.W Hobbies Livonia, MI
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