Zord Builder

Deluxe Gosei Great Zord Armor Ranger

Item #38112

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For Kids Ages 4+

Be ready when evil attacks with the Deluxe Zord Armor Ranger!  Insert the included 4 inch figure, into the Zord armor to take the battle to the next level!  Mix and match with the Deluxe Megazord (38095) or any of the other Zord Builder items (38070, 38080, 38090 each sold separately) to create powerful Megazord combinations. The arm of the Zord armor also acts as a Ranger Key and can be used with other Super Megaforce items, including Power Ranger Battle Gear Items (38035, 38045, 38030, 38050), the Deluxe Legendary Morpher (38000), and the Deluxe Legendary Megazord (38095)! Each sold separately.  Collect them all!

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  • Deluxe Gosei Great Zord Armor Ranger