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Ptera Charge Megazord

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Help the Power Rangers Dino Charge defeat forces of evil with the Ptera Charge Megazord! When the battle heats up, Gold Ranger summons the Ptera Charge Megazord to bring extra power. The Ptera Charge Megazord can morph between two show-accurate modes: battle evil on foot as a Megazord, or fly into action as Pteradactyl Mode! For even more fire power, reveal the battle cannons by inserting the included Dino Charger! Collect and combine with any of the other Zord Builder items (42070, 42095, 42100, 42110, each sold separately) to create unique and powerful Megazord combinations. The Ptera Charge Megazord includes 1 Dino Charger that can also be inserted into other Power Ranger Battle Gear Items (42035, 42045, 42050) and the Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher (42001)! Collect them all! Each sold separately.

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  • Ptera Charge Megazord
  • Ptera Charge Megazord
  • Ptera Charge Megazord