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why are power rangers
right for my child?


Action Figures

The Power Rangers

Promote important values by encouraging teamwork, confidence, fitness, friendship, and standing for what’s right.

Celebrating over 20 years worldwide, Power Rangers is the longest running kids action series on television – and for good reason. What kid wouldn’t love to watch a team of ordinary young people like themselves “morph” into super heroes to save the world from evil? But the value of the Power Rangers is not limited to the action. With strong core values, the Power Rangers encourage kids to get out, get involved, and do some good, all the while stimulating their imagination and creativity. Toys like the Zord Builder® collection and role play items allow for kids to reenact the Power Rangers core principles of teamwork, confidence, fitness and friendship in their everyday play, taking these lessons from the screen onto the playground.

Zord Builder

What is Zord Builder?


Traditional brick and block construction system toys can be so square, so let go of the brick and challenge your kid’s creativity with the Zord Builder system. Designed to allow kids not only to imitate the impressive morphing scenes they see on TV, the Zord Builder collection also encourages them to go beyond the screen and invent awesome new combinations.
Every item in the Zord Builder collection has the ability to connect to others. With a few different toys, or even just one Megazord, kids can use their creativity to build a whole new action figure, or break down the Megazord into individual Zords to play with separately.
And unlike other building toys, the designs of the Zords are completely unique, made to mimic dinosaurs, animals or vehicles from the TV series. With endless combinations and morphing action, the Zord Builder system is built for hours of creative fun!

Role Play

What are the Benefits?

of role playing as a power ranger.

The Power Rangers promote important values by encouraging teamwork, confidence, health, caring, friendship, and most importantly, standing for what’s right. The use of role play toys like Morphers and masks allows kids to be transported into the world of Power Rangers and participate as a powerful force committed to good deeds and defeating evil.
Role play items encourage interaction and cooperation on the playground. Imitating Power Ranger battle poses and moves also gets kids active and promotes early patterns of exercise, encouraging healthy habits and lifelong fitness.