The Deck Doctor: S.P.D. Emergency!

By Chris Goujyujin & Anh Do

Welcome back heroes for another brand-new installment of “The Deck Doctor”. Get ready as today we call the S.P.D. team into duty and discover what kind of edge they bring to the Power Rangers Action Card Game!

The S.P.D. Rangers were first fully introduced in Series 2 “Guardians of Justice” and introduced us to the awesome DUAL Ability symbol! This ability symbol grants the cards which have it an effect that may be used while they are in your Training Area. While a card with the DUAL ability symbol is in your Training Area, one of the things you can use them for is to pay for cost, but instead of just counting as 1 card they count as 2 cards due to their ability symbol! The end result is that you can crank out very high cost (i.e. super powerful) cards much quicker than the average deck.

But why do the S.P.D. Rangers have this ability? In the Power Rangers Universe certain seasons have Rangers with base super human abilities in addition to their Ranger powers. The DUAL ability symbol was given to the S.P.D. Rangers to represent their civilian powers which ranged from intangibility to the ability to multiply, essentially doubling the characters base abilities.

You’ll also find the DUAL ability symbol on characters that are shown to grown in power substantially such as the ever-powerful Zeo Ranger OR are parts of a duo such as the Red Mystic Force Ranger uniting with Fire Heart to form the Red Dragon Fire Mystic Force Ranger or Solaris Knight & Jenji.

Today we bring you not only one but two deck list which were sent to us from Michelle Leclair and Keith Nochimson. Both of these decks revolve around the SPD Rangers and their awesome abilities, and now that we know why the DUAL ability symbol is so special let’s take a look at these two decks which aim to capitalize on its awesomeness.

First up is Michelle Leclair’s S.P.D./RPM/Megaforce Deck:

1x Blue Megaforce Ranger (2-036)
2x Blue S.P.D. Ranger (S.W.A.T.) (2-059)
2x Green S.P.D. Ranger (2-052)
3x Green S.P.D. Ranger (S.W.A.T.) (2-060)
2x Pink Megaforce Ranger (2-029)
3x Pink Megaforce Ranger (2-030)
2x Red S.P.D. Ranger (2-053)
2x Robo Knight (2-019)
2x Shadow S.P.D. Ranger (2-063)
2x Delta Squad Megazord (2-056)
2x Gosei Great Grand Megazord (2-088)
1x Gosei Great Megazord (2-023)
2x Bear Crawler (2-095)
2x Lion Hauler (2-050)
2x Sky Brothers Zord (2-026)

And here is the 4 Seasons deck list brought to us from Keith Nochimson:

3x Blue Mystic Force Ranger (2-074)
2x Green Mystic Force Ranger (2-076)
2x Red Mystic Force Ranger (2-072)
1x Red S.P.D. Ranger (P-069)
3x Red S.P.D. Ranger (S.W.A.T.) (2-058)
2x Yellow S.P.D. Ranger (S.W.A.T.) (2-061)
2x Pink S.P.D. Ranger (S.W.A.T.) (2-062)
1x Green S.P.D. Ranger (S.W.A.T.) (2-060)
3x Delta Squad Megazord (2-056)
1x Pink S.P.D. Ranger (2-057)
1x Red S.P.D. Ranger (2-053)
1x Yellow S.P.D. Ranger (2-054)
1x Green S.P.D. Ranger (2-052)
3x Pink Megaforce Ranger (2-029)
2x Blue Megaforce Ranger (2-036)
1x Blue Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (2-045)
1x Green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (2-046)

I will commend you both for your builds here since S.P.D. is a tough deck to construct but it does have some nice creative advantages to it that currently no other ranger team really has. That being said we did take it a bit of a different route regarding the Zord cards. Check it out!

0 Drops (10 cards)
1x Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (2-044)
2x Blue Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (2-045)
3x Green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (2-046)
2x Yellow Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (2-047)
2x Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger (2-048)

2 Drops (9 cards)
3x Shadow S.P.D. Ranger (3-032)
1x Red S.P.D. Ranger (S.W.A.T.) (2-058)
2x Pink S.P.D. Ranger (S.W.A.T.) (2-062)
1x Blue S.P.D. Ranger (S.W.A.T.) (2-059)
1x Yellow S.P.D. Ranger (S.W.A.T.) (2-061)
1x Green S.P.D. Ranger (S.W.A.T.) (2-060)

3 Drops (5 cards)
3x Shadow S.P.D. Ranger (2-063)
2x Omega Ranger (3-031)

5 Drops (3 cards)
3x Delta Squad Megazord (2-056)

6 Drops (3 cards)
3x S.P.D. Power Rangers (3-033)

So I know what you may be thinking, “Lightspeed Rescue has the ALLY ability symbol which makes you add +1 to the Assist value when you use it to Assist but this doesn’t always help with the Judgment when it comes to S.P.D. so why run them at all or so many?” Now while this is a potential possibility they all can switch into a fallen S.P.D. Ranger when the time is right and net some very nice damage. Even when the time is not right they can still be a life saver when it comes to three of the main cards for this deck – Series 2’s Shadow Ranger, Delta Squad Megazord, and Series 3’s S.P.D. Power Rangers “Team” card.

Series 2 also added some really useful tools to help fight crime (and your opponent) with the NEW Shadow S.P.D. Ranger who is ready to take a big bite out of crime as well as the cost of your S.P.D cards, and the best part is that Doggy acts like a DUAL ability symbol card in your Training Area but his work while he’s in your hand! With these new changes you’ll show evil that they not only won’t win but crime doesn’t pay (at least not as effectively as a card with the DUAL ability symbol can)!  As always if you have a deck you’d like me to doctor, send it to with the subject line: The Deck Doctor! And make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest Power Rangers and Power Rangers ACG new including exclusive previews. Till next time!