The Deck Doctor: RPM Revisit!

By Chris Goujyujin

Hello heroes! In a previous “The Deck Doctor” article we discussed a Power Rangers RPM deck that was sent into us by one of our twitter followers Jamion McNeil (@primegundam). Well Jamion I hope our previous article was able to give you a good starting point but with the recent release of Series 3 “Universe of Hope” we feel that it’s a good time to give your deck another tune up and see what NEW goodies we can trick out your deck with!

In the previous Deck Doctor for your RPM Deck we ended with the following result:

0 Cost (3 cards)
3x Red RPM Ranger (2-051)

1 Cost (8 cards)
1x Red RPM Ranger (1-046)
1x Blue RPM Ranger (1-047)
2x Yellow RPM Ranger (1-048)
2x Green RPM Ranger (1-049)
2x Black RPM Ranger (1-050)

2 Cost (6 cards)
3x Gold RPM Ranger (2-002)
3x Silver RPM Ranger (2-004)

3 Cost (6 cards)
3x Lion Hauler (2-050)
3x Bear Crawler (2-095)

4 Cost (1 card)
1x PaleoMax Megazord (2-097)

5 Cost (6 cards)
3x High Octane Megazord (2-049)
3x ValveMax Megazord (1-082)

This deck is quiet solid with lots of fun things to do. With Series 3 now out and the RPM Rangers getting a lot of support it’s time they once again get in gear and drive it home for victory! With that in mind here is your spiffy new deck list version 3.0:


RPM Deck Version 3.0







0 Drops (6 cards)
3x Red RPM Ranger (3-020)
3x Red RPM Ranger (1-018)

1 Drops (5 cards)
2x Yellow RPM Ranger (1-048)
3x Gold RPM Ranger (3-021)

2 Drops (6 Cards)
3x Gold RPM Ranger (2-002)
3x Silver RPM Ranger (2-004)

3 Drops (5 cards)
2x Lion Hauler (2-050)
3x Bear Crawler (2-095)

5 Drops (6 cards)
3x High Octane Megazord (2-049)
3x ValveMax Megazord (1-082)

6 Drops (2 drops)
2x Zenith Megazord (3-023)

The new age of RPM allows you to fuel up with even more ways to get cards into your Training Area thanks to the new Series 3 Gold RPM Ranger and Red RPM Rangers. Series 3 also gives the RPM deck a new finisher in the form of their mighty Zenith Megazord! This juggernaut rewards you for assisting with all the cards you’ve stockpiled in your Training Area as well as ramping up its damage potential with each assist it gets! If you have any ideas you wish to be discussed or deck idea visited or even revisited, then throw us your ideas to with the title “The Deck Doctor” and maybe the deck doctor will make a call just for you!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest Power Rangers and Power Rangers ACG new including exclusive previews! Series 4 previews are right around the corner and the RPM deck will be getting ultra-powerful upgrade, so until the RPM deck Version 4.0 comes out take it easy!