The Deck Doctor: Girls of Power!

By Chris Goujyujin

Welcome once again Rangers to another installment of the deck doctor! Today we will cover a deck called “Girls of Power” from Twitter user Trey “Colley” Tackett (@starhound). As you can guess from the name this deck it will be concentrating on the female side of the Power Rangers Universe, and oh boy do these girls pack a punch!

The original deck list contained the following:


Original Deck







0 Cost (8 cards)
Pink Megaforce Ranger (2-029)
Yellow Megaforce Ranger (1-109)
Yellow RPM Ranger (1-020)
Pink Mystic Force Ranger (2-075)
Blue Ninja Storm Ranger (2-041)
Yellow Samurai Ranger (1-095)
2x Pink Samurai Ranger (1-014)

1 Cost (10 cards)
Pink Megaforce Ranger (2-030)
Yellow Megaforce Ranger (1-041)
Yellow RPM Ranger (1-048)
Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger (1-074)
Pink Space Ranger (2-071)
2x Yellow Space Ranger (2-070)
3x Red Samurai Ranger Lauren (2-013)

2 Cost (8 cards)
SWAT Yellow SPD Ranger (2-061)
SWAT Pink SPD Ranger (2-062)
Silver RPM Ranger (2-001)
3x Pink Super Samurai Ranger (1-087)
Yellow Super Samurai Ranger (1-089)
Red Super Samurai Ranger Lauren (2-093)

3 Cost (3 cards)
Turtle Zord (2-008)
Lion Foldingzord (2-090)
Tiger Zord (2-091)

5 Cost (1 card)
Samurai Megazord (1-024)

Now Trey tells us that this was built with some doubles laying around or cards that were acquired from other players (glad to hear you’re trading with others, always a welcomed thing to do and we encourage you to keep it up!). We were also told a tad bit about the deck, mainly your preference for Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren) and that the deck was to concentrate on female rangers. This was interesting to play with, and a bit tricky to take on as it isn’t a theme supported as other deck types are, but I hope we came up with something you may enjoy. Check it out!

New Deck

New Deck







0 Cost (9 cards)
3x 2-029 Pink Megaforce Ranger
3x 2-048 Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
3x 3-078 Pink Zeo Ranger

1 Cost (9 cards)
3x 1-048 Yellow RPM Ranger
2x 2-013 Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)
2x 2-070 Yellow Space Ranger
2x 2-071 Pink Space Ranger

2 Cost (9 cards)
3x 2-004 Silver RPM Ranger
2x 2-093 Red Super Samurai Ranger (Lauren)
2x 2-077 Tiger Zord
2x 2-086 Phoenix Zord

5 Cost (3 cards)
3x 2-049 High Octane Megazord

What we did here was concentrated on a few more of the commonly well played Female Ranger cards (example RPM with [WIN] abilities so they can hit for the damage and then later assist the other girls out later). We also kept most the cost concentration on the “one drop” and “two drop” as those girls really pack some power with some good abilities yet won’t leave your hand depleted. We also moved slightly away from the Samurai aspect replacing the Samurai Megazord with the Series 2 High Octane Megazord for an extra boost for victory! Now Trey I know what you may be thinking…something along the lines of “well this is all nice but I really did enjoy those Samurai girls” and we don’t blame you so as an added bonus we introduce a double dose of the doctor and present….Samurai Girls of Power!!!

0 Cost (10 cards)
3x 3-102 Pink Samurai Ranger
3x 1-104 Yellow Samurai Ranger
2x 1-093 Pink Samurai Ranger
2x 1-095 Yellow Samurai Ranger

1 Cost (9 cards)
3x 1-102 Pink Samurai Ranger
3x 1-104 Yellow Samurai Ranger
3x 2-013 Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)

2 Cost (8 cards)
3x 1-087 Pink Super Samurai Ranger
3x 1-089 Yellow Super Samurai Ranger
2x 2-093 Red Super Samurai Ranger (Lauren)

6 Cost (2 cards)
2x 1-097 Beetle Blaster Megazord

This deck concentrates more on what Samurai do best – getting out damage and fast! These cards have good [WIN] abilities and when needed can switch over to their Super Samurai Mode to finish the fight! But wait there is clearly only 29 cards in the list you say! Well while you can easily fit another copy of some of the girls consider one of these options as well:

1) 1-085 Red Super Samurai Ranger: This card screams “Lauren is coming at cha!”

2) 3-105 Samurai Power Rangers: This is the most recently introduced Ranger “team” card which has 2 of the girls on it. Looks like the boys couldn’t handle it alone and had to call in for back up. Well Trey I hope this helped you out and you continue to use girls to really kick butt! It never hurts to show the boys up every now and then, and remember Rangers if you have a deck you’d like to be doctored, send it to with the subject line: The Deck Doctor!