The Deck Doctor: Get in Gear!

By Anh Do

Welcome back, heroes! It’s surprising how fast a week can just pass you by but here we are again with another brand-new addition to “The Deck Doctor” article series. This week I’m going to calibrate another deck list that was sent to me and really make it roar!

The deck list I’ve chosen is a pure RPM deck built by one of our many Twitter followers Jamion McNeil (@primegundam). One of the best parts of the Power Rangers Action Card is playing a deck composed only of your favorite Power Rangers T.V. series! It truly gives you the feeling like you’re a member of the team, and by Series 4 of the PR ACG we hope to make this possible with every Power Rangers T.V. series!

RPM is one of the T.V. series that you can form a full deck of 30 RPM cards right now! Series 1 “Rise of Heroes” introduced the core Ranger Operators, while Series 2 “Guardians of Justice” introduced Ranger Operator Series Gold & Silver, and the upcoming Series 3 will introduce even more cards that will take the RPM deck closer to its zenith of power!

Jamion McNeil felt that his current was a bit lacking and needed more pow! Well Jamion, you have come to the right place! With a bit of fine tuning we’ll rev up your deck into an engine full of win!

Here is the original deck!

Jamion McNeil's RPM Deck!

Jamion McNeil’s RPM Deck!







Jamion McNeil’s RPM Deck

0 Cost (2 cards)
2x Red RPM Ranger (2-051)

1 Cost (10 cards)
2x Red RPM Ranger (1-046)
2x Blue RPM Ranger (1-047)
2x Yellow RPM Ranger (1-048)
2x Green RPM Ranger (1-049)
2x Black RPM Ranger (1-050)

2 Cost (6 cards)
3x Gold RPM Ranger (2-002)
3x Silver RPM Ranger (2-004)

3 Cost (6 cards)
2x Eagle Racer (1-031)
2x Lion Hauler (2-050)
2x Bear Crawler (2-095)

4 Cost (4 cards)
3x Mach Megazord (2-096)
1x PaleoMax Megazord (2-097)

5 Cost (2 cards)
1x High Octane Megazord (1-027)
1x ValveMax Megazord (1-082)

RPM decks specialize in acceleration the amount of resources in their players’ Training Area; better known as T.A. acceleration. This provides you the player with an advantage during battle by increasing your judgment as well as hand advantage by providing you an additional way to pay for card cost, and the best part of this is that you gain this by winning!

All of this means you can play high cost Zord and Megazords more often than other decks are able to and with a bit of Bonus Damage you can seal a game in no time flat!

Let’s see what I came up with!









0 Cost (3 cards)
3x Red RPM Ranger (2-051)

1 Cost (8 cards)
1x Red RPM Ranger (1-046)
1x Blue RPM Ranger (1-047)
2x Yellow RPM Ranger (1-048)
2x Green RPM Ranger (1-049)
2x Black RPM Ranger (1-050)

2 Cost (6 cards)
3x Gold RPM Ranger (2-002)
3x Silver RPM Ranger (2-004)

3 Cost (6 cards)
3x Lion Hauler (2-050)
3x Bear Crawler (2-095)

4 Cost (1 cards)
1x PaleoMax Megazord (2-097)

5 Cost (6 cards)
3x High Octane Megazord (2-049)
3x ValveMax Megazord (1-082)

Lets start with your low cost line up! Using the Series 1 RPM Rangers that go to your Training Area (T.A.) after they win is perfectly in line with the deck’s theme of T.A. acceleration. Additionally having Red RPM Ranger (2-051) acts both as base upon which to play your Zord & Megazord as well as a deterrent for your opponent to play their own high cost cards since the risk of getting beat by a 0 cost card is many times too great of a barrier.

A crucial piece of your deck are the Gold and Silver RPM Rangers which can play any of the current RPM Zord on top of them for free as well as reducing the cost of RPM Megazords substantially which leads us to your end game which needed the most work.

Series 2 introduced a brand new High Octane Megazord (2-049). This card has an effect similar to the PaleoMax Megazord (2-097) which you are currently playing. By discarding 2 cards from your T.A. (which is an easy task for RPM decks) you bump its Power to MAX! And just in case your opponent is also able to reach MAX Power, you can out race them with the INFINITY timing on this card. INFINITY means you can reuse the effects of that card any number of times as long as you pay the cost each time.

While the High Octane Megazord and PaleoMax Megazords may be your game ending cards, your true damage dealer is the ultra powerful ValveMax Megazord (1-082). With a set of 4 RPM cards in your T.A. you can literally keep of playing this Megazord each each turn as long as you pay its cost with 1 other copy of High Octane Megazord (1-082). Now that’s pretty slick!

This deck is especially weak against Villain and Samurai cards as well as Special Effects that can discard cards from your Training Area also referred to as T.A. burn.

The secret of RPM decks lies in its ability to net incredible card advantage. With these changes you’re sure to be outplaying your opponent in no time flat!

That sums it up for the fixes! Jamion, I hope this helped! There are plenty more decks out there that have the ability to do well, so get out there, explore, and have some fun. Remember, if you have a deck you’d like me to doctor, send it to with the subject line: The Deck Doctor!

And make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest Power Rangers and Power Rangers ACG new including exclusive previews! Till next time!