The Deck Doctor: Big Bad Villains!

By Anh Do

Welcome back, Heroes! It’s another week and this week I bring you a new article series called “The Deck Doctor”. Here I’m going to take a look at a deck list that was sent to me, and will fix it up to combat some of the top decks you might find players from around the country playing.

The deck list I’ve chosen is a Villain deck built by Chris Goujyujin. It definitely has the elements of control and disruption that Villains are known for, but he mentioned that he wants to be sure it is well rounded to handle all threats that come. Here is the original list!


Chris Goujyujin’s Villain Deck

0 Cost (9 cards)
3x Krybot (2-082)
3x Mooger (1-057)
3x Loogie (1-058)

1 Cost (5 cards)
3x Desperaino (2-114)
2x Octoroo (1-054)

2 Cost (6 cards)
2x Goldar (2-110)
3x Treacheron (2-113)
1x Ecliptor (2-115)

3 Cost (7 cards)
1x Rita Repulsa (2-112)
3x Deker (1-052)
3x Koragg (2-083)

4 Cost (3 cards)
1x Lord Zedd (P-121)
2x Diabolico (2-080)

Chris’s current Villain Deck is quite solid but his deck will face against powerhouse decks like “Forever Red” and “Super Samurai” Decks which specialize in having Dual and Triple MAX Power cards along with direct damage and disruption effects respectively as well as “Dino Rescue” and “Gigaforce” Decks which specialize in ending the game in a single decisive blow.

To combat this I recommend the following build:

0 Cost (9 cards)
3x Krybot (2-082) (Scissors symbol)
3x Mooger (1-057) (Rock symbol)
3x Loogie (1-058) (Paper symbol)

1 Cost (5 cards)
3x Desperaino (2-114)
2x Octoroo (1-054)

2 Cost (6 cards)
1x Goldar (2-110)
3x Treacheron (2-113)
2x Dayu (1-060)

3 Cost (6 cards)
2x Steeleto (1-055)
2x Deker (1-052)
2x Koragg (2-083)

4 Cost (4 cards)
2x Ocotomus (2-111)
2x Diabolico (2-080)

No fixes were required for your Cost 0 line up; they perfectly span the Rock-Paper-Scissors spectrum making it hard for your opponent counter play you for Bonus Damage on those turns when your hand is too low for a high cost Villain card.

Your Cost 1 lineup allows you to be play aggressively with the Samurai-like ability of Desperaino while setting up your Training Area for the mid/late game with the devious Octoroo.

Your Cost 2 lineup was changed to add in Dayu for her utility ability to fetch back you best Villains cards. Additionally, Steeleto was added to your Cost 3 lineup as the perfect counter against decks which like to fill up their Training Area for the final blow.

Lastly, Ocotomus was added to shutdown decks that use cards with multiple MAX Power values, and then counter attack for a bunch of damage.

That sums it up for the fixes!  Chris Goujyujin, I hope this helped!  There are plenty more decks out there that have the ability to do well, so get out there, explore, and have some fun.  Remember, if you have a deck you’d like me to doctor, send it to with the subject line: The Deck Doctor!