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The Deck Doctor: RPM Revisit!

By Chris Goujyujin

Hello heroes! In a previous “The Deck Doctor” article we discussed a Power Rangers RPM deck that was sent into us by one of our twitter followers Jamion McNeil (@primegundam). Well Jamion I hope our previous article was able to give you a good starting point but with the recent release of Series 3 “Universe of Hope” we feel that it’s a good time to give your deck another tune up and see what NEW goodies we can trick out your deck with!

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Deck Spotlight: Gigaforce!

By Anh Do

Welcome, Heroes, to our very first Deck Spotlight! Here I will be showing you a powerful new deck from the Power Rangers Action Card game universe and provide a brief summary on how to best use it to take on any foe. So get ready to learn what it takes to craft and utilize this explosively powerful deck!

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