PR ACG Article: Can I Give You a Hand?

By Anh Do

It has been a bit of time since our last article but we are back, and just in time to cover the treasure trove of cards that lay waiting for you within Series 3 “Universe of Hope”.

Of the biggest emphasis in Series 3 are cards with the [HAND] timing. These cards were briefly introduced in Series 1 “Rise of Heroes” with the extra powerful Super Samurai Rangers.









The power of this timing lies in its flexibility to be used at almost any time during the battle. [HAND] cards in the PR ACG are essentially the equivalent of spells in many other card games. During the game design of Series 3 we wanted to further explore our design space with the seemingly unlimited space this timing granted and we came up with the following.

Payment Cycle

Rewarding players for playing a specific deck type from only one T.V. series was on the forefront of design when creating cards in Series 3, 4, and 5. We are beginning to accomplish this with cards like “Shadow S.P.D. Ranger (3-032)”, “Gold RPM Ranger (3-021)”, and “Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren) (3-018)”. Each of these cards grants you a fairly large advantage by paying with them for the specific series they come from and have effects that have synergy with the decks they fit in.

3-032 1014562_469370076488287_707517232_o







Tides of Battle

The next step was to have cards that grant a T.V. series’ unique skills to other decks so new and powerful combinations can flourish. In comes “Red Ninja Storm Ranger (3-048)” & “Red Megaforce Ranger (3-003)”, they pass on their abilities to potentially allow you to deal Bonus Damage or prevent damage simply by discarding them from your hand. Truly remarkable!









A Hand Full

Lastly we wanted a powerhouse Megazord to tie together all these [HAND] timings, and what better series to give it to then Megaforce which has the most [HAND] timing effects after Series 3 releases. The “Sky Megazord (2-014)” is your standard 6 cost 4 damage Megazord with solid power values. What puts this version a hands length over its predecessors is its instant return of any 2 [HAND] cards from your Discard Area back to your hand to reuse. Even if you lose you can return an additional 2 [HAND] cards and gain a valuable 4 assist for a future battle.









The ease of choosing any 2 [HAND] cards back means you can take back a plethora of optiona ranging from powerhouse cards like the “Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger (3-004)” to the other two damage preventing [HAND] cards found only in this set. The flexibility of this Megazord is amazing and makes it a truly exceptional rare from Series 3 “Universe of Hope”.









So try these and the many other [HAND] cards found in Series 3 “Universe of Hope” available mid July 2013, and bring hope. Hope in this endless, bitter war.