Power Rangers Action Card Game Rarity Overview

By Anh Do

Cards in the Power Rangers ACG are grouped into 4 main rarities: common, rare, super rare, and ultra rare – and you will find Rangers, Zords, Megazords, Villains, and Support characters from the Power Rangers T.V. show among each rarity.


Common cards show up the most frequent in booster packs, and often include low cost cards which are easy to understand and easy to play. They’re represented by having an empty circle next to their card number.

Rare cards are similar to the uncommon status of many other card games, you get a few of these in each booster pack and they work well with common cards, adding another level power. This rarity is home to most Zord cards in the PR ACG. They’re represented by having a full circle next to their card number.

The 2 highest rarity Power Rangers ACG cards are premium foils and look different from lower rarity cards:

Super Rare cards are cool looking Platinum foil cards that feature epic Megazords, 6th Rangers, and epic boss Villain cards that all have a dynamic impact on the game! They’re represented by having an empty star next to their card number.

Ultra Rare cards are the rarest and most unique cards in the Power Rangers ACG. They are gold foil with an incredible foil effect that you can literally feel! This level of card is often game ending Megazords or legendary Ranger and Villain cards. They’re represented by having a full star next to their card number.

Lastly, the pre-constructed Starter Deck from the Power Rangers ACG also has a unique rarity. They are either:

Starter Exclusive: These cards are meant to help you get into the game right away with easy to understand but equally powerful effects that can be expanded upon by incorporating cards from the booster packs.

Starter Exclusive Super Rare: These awesome looking foiled cards are powerful and sure to change the course of battle (in your favor), and can only be found along with the starter exclusives in the starter deck only!

Good luck with your future pulls!