Deck Spotlight: Gigaforce!

By Anh Do

Welcome, Heroes, to our very first Deck Spotlight! Here I will be showing you a powerful new deck from the Power Rangers Action Card game universe and provide a brief summary on how to best use it to take on any foe. So get ready to learn what it takes to craft and utilize this explosively powerful deck!

Series 2 “Guardians of Justice” just launched barely a week ago onto store shelves, and already players have started to build decks using the brand new set. And where better to start then taking a look at our highest cost card yet in the Power Rangers ACG – the Samurai Gigazord!

But does size mean power? In this case it certainly does! Let’s take a look at a deck utilizing this powerhouse.


3 Red Mystic Force Ranger (2-072)
3 Yellow Mystic Force Ranger (2-073)
3 Blue Mystic Force Ranger (2-074)
3 Pink Mystic Force Ranger (2-075)
3 Green Mystic Force Ranger (2-076)
1 Solaris Knight (2-098)
3 Samurai Gigazord (2-094)
2 Eagle Racer (1-031)
3 Bear Crawler (2-095)
3 Lion Hauler (2-050)
3 Snake Zord (2-079)

As you might immediately notice, there are a bunch of Mystic Force Rangers! Over half the deck is made up of them, these Rangers are crucial for carrying out the goal of this deck – filling your Discard Area with Zord cards.

The Mystic Force Ranger’s effect allows you to safely get Zord cards into your Discard Area while at the same time allowing you to draw cards to find the Samurai Gigazord. This “filtering” type effect does not decrease the number of cards in your hand which is important since the Samurai Gigazord cost a whopping 8 cards!

The remainder of the deck is the all-important Zords. I advise to generally avoid playing Zord cards because you want to keep your hand size up, but there are a few situations in which you will definitely want to play a Zord:

1) Early game when you feel like you can win Bonus Damage due to Rock-Paper-Scissors symbol.
2) When you are typing to use the [WIN] effects of the RPM Zord cards to sneak a Samurai Gigazord into your Training Area.
3) When the above two options can both occur at the same time.

When playing this “Gigaforce” Deck (combination of Mystic Force and Gigazord), keep in mind that you winning with the Samurai Gigazord can generate 5 Damage plus 1 Damage for every Zord card in your Training Area. With the potential to deal so much damage, and keeping in mind each turn your opponent’s deck dwindles down a further 2 cards you can easily end the game as early as the 4th turn of the game!

Have fun with this very unorthodox deck and end the game in a blaze of glory fitting of an Ultrazord!

“Gigaforce” Deck Breakdown:


  • Capable to winning the game early and decisively.
  • Losing is a positive because you get Zord cards into your Discard Area and cards in your Training Area.
  • Triple MAX Power on the Samurai Gigazord means few cards can take it on and win.


  • Avoiding the Rock symbol on the Samurai Gigazord avoids its Bonus Damage and much of its bite.
  • Overextending leaves you vulnerable to the Direct Damage effects of Samurai/Super Samurai cards.
  • Effects that prevent damage such as S.P.D. Shadow Ranger, Delta Squad Megazord, or Series 1 Cost 0 Mighty Morphin Rangers can stop your damage cold.
  • No drawing or losing all your copies of the Samurai Gigazord means you lose your main win condition.

Most cards in this deck are available in Series 2 “Guardians of Justice” which is available in stores now!