Meet the Locksies Girls!

 Get your lock on style! TM


Interior Designer

Meet Elli, she's the Interior Design genius of the bunch. From the time she was 3 years old, she was already re-arranging her bedroom. You will never catch Elli without her tablet and her interior design software! She locks style into any room!



DIY Expert

Meet Kari, the DIY expert of the group. She's a DO-IT-YOURSELF-FASHION-EVERYTHING (hair, shoes, clothes, you name it!) She lives on all the social networking sites, sharing her fashions, and when she is not posting new ideas, she is getting her lock on style with her own DIY videos to share her love of crafting with everyone! You won't find Kari without her glue gun!



Hair & Make-Up Artist

Meet Rikki, she’s a hair and make-up diva. She is a real artist at heart, so designing hair and make-up comes natural to her. She always has the most unique hair style ideas, and her make-up always looks gorgeous (never over done!) Her true dream to is have her own cosmetic and hair products line.



Fashion Designer

Meet Mikki, the queen of fashion fabric and quite the seamstress. She can make 5 fashionable outfits out of just one piece of fabric! She dreams of one day having her own clothing brand at Fashion Week in New York or Paris!