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The Bandai Foundation was established in 1995 by Bandai America Incorporated as a way to give back to the community that has made its products so successful in the United States. The Bandai Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to supporting charities that improve the environment in which American families and children live and play. Through charitable donations and gifts, The Bandai Foundation provides executive leadership and corporate sponsorship to community-based projects and programs throughout the United States that focus on the health and welfare of children.

We anticipate our 2014 Mission Statement and Grant Application will be available closer to May. Thank you for your interest.

Pictures Starting From Top Left

Miller’s Children’s Hospital 2011
Miller’s Children’s Hospital 2011
Miller’s Children’s Hospital 2012
Community Action Partnership Food Bank 2012
Walk for Diabetes 2010
Power Rangers at Miller's Children's Hospital 2013
Long Beach Torch Run 2013
Food Bank 2013